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Pataskala Rotary honors local residents

The Pataskala Rotary Club honored 2 local residents on March 17, 2021 at the Nutcracker Restaurant. Honored were Dave Hunter and Steve Jr and Kim Butcher. The awards were presented for their dedicated service to the Pataskala community. Hunter was nominated due to his dedication to the Pataskala Police in their Community Service Programs. He was instrumental in the Shop for a Cop program and the Pataskala Citizens Police Academy. The Butchers were honored for their continuing support for students from Licking Heights Schools with Disabilities in which students worked at the Nutcracker Restaurant learning valuable skills needed to work and support them in the future. The program was started by Steve Sr and Nancy Butcheries in 2017. 

Congratulations to Dave, Steve Jr and Kim for their dedication to the Pataskala community.

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