Pataskala Street Fair Parade

2019 Theme:  “Summertime Fun

Pataskala Street Fair Parade


Street Fair Parade Route- 2 miles long

  • BEGIN at Foundation Park’s south entrance;
  • proceed east to Oak Meadow Drive;
  • turn right onto Oak Meadow Drive
  • proceed to Third Avenue;
  • turn east (left) onto Third Avenue
  • proceed to Main Street;
  • turn south (right) onto Main Street
  • proceed to Front Street;
  • turn right (west) onto Front Street;
  • proceed to High Street;
  • turn left on High Street,
  • cross railroad tracks,
  • proceed to Mill Street; where the parade ENDS..


Parade entries can turn either West (right) on Mill or turn East (left) onto Mill Street to proceed to Main St. (St. Rt. 310) or to Township/Creek roads.

St. Rt. 310 will take you to Etna.

Township Road will take you to Broad Street.

Creek Road will take you to Watkins Road, passing Refugee Road.

For safety reasons, parade entrants must not disembark until their entry leaves the parade route and also pulls over so as not to impede other parade entries, and comes to a complete stop.

The 2018 annual Street Fair Parade gave the community a chance to see “Pataskala’s Best”. The weather was perfect. The crowd, eager for another great parade, was not disappointed by the energized schools’ bands, teams, and cheerleaders, and many local groups, organizations and businesses.

Behind the scenes are many people who make the parade seem effortless. We must thank the City Parks Director, Lenier Crawford, who met with me several times to assure that fire trucks would have access from its parking lot, trash containers would be plentiful, rest rooms would be open, and the Park would be looking great. A thank you also goes to the YMCA for use of its orange cones for traffic control. In addition, our gratitude goes to Bart Weiler whose golf cart was used to ferry many people and supplies to their floats. AND, we are extremely grateful to the Pataskala Police for handling the traffic issues always associated with the parade.

The parents who dropped their children off at the McIntosh Entrance to the Park were most patient with us as we pointed them in the right direction. Car pooling would lighten the traffic burden in the future. We want to thank LH for using school buses to bring its athletes to the Park.

Fortunately we have a wonderful and entertaining parade announcer – Don Robertson who willingly does this every year for the community.

The 2018 parade was the twentieth Street Fair parade that the Pataskala Rotary Club has organized for the West Licking Fire Fighters Association. Both groups are committed to service – and could use more members. Also dedicated to community service are our 2018 Grand Marshals – Pataskala Lions Club and Summit Station Lions Club.

Lastly, thank you to the zealous West Licking Fire Fighters Association for another successful Pataskala Street Fair.

Judy Baird
President, Pataskala Rotary Club
Parade Chairman

2018 Pataskala Street Fair

The Pataskala Street Fair Parade in August 2018 had the theme; Pataskala’s Best and the Grand Marshals were the Pataskala and Summit Lions Clubs. An enthusiastic crowd welcomed various participants. The Rotary district 6690 fire truck was in the parade.

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